Friday, June 10, 2011

Dehanes Super Chief Sets

Here is a Dehanes "Tranportation Milestones" Super Chief F-3 engine, observation car and Vista Dome car.  I know that these are an acquired taste for a serious traditional standard gauge collector, but this set is a real gem and its nice to see someone who creates standard gauge engines other then those created by Lionel, Ives or American Flyer.  Kind of reminds me when Lionel ventured back into standard gauge engines back in the 1990's and they created the Hiawatha and the Commodore Vanderbilt.  If these engines had only been better received, it may have led to some pretty awesome standard gauge engines.  I don't know how anyone who is into standard gauge doesn't have BOTH the hiawatha and the commodore.  The six wheel drivers alone are worth the purchase prices.  Add in the detailing on the engines and the beautiful cars and it defies logic as to why any serious collector would not have these sets, especially since you can pick up these for $1700 to $1900 on ebay any day of the week. 

Maybe someone can explain to me the allure behind a Lionel 408 because I just don't get it. 

Standard Gauge Dreyfus Hudson

In case you have never seen this standard gauge beauty, it was created by John Kresse and I believe painted by John Harmon.  My understanding is that John Kresse created five (5) Norfolk an Western "J" engines, five (5) Dreyfus Hudson engines and four (4) GS-4 Southern Pacific Daylight engines.  These are truly beauties and a most see by any serious standard gauge collector.