Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This is a true gem and something you would only be able to find at York.  York October 2012's meet brought me this absolute gem, made by Carl Neidlinger.  Its a Standard Gauge McKeen car which has been made out of two Ives standard gauge passenger bodies.  I have no idea how Carl got this motor car's body so absolutely perfect, but here it is:

Lionel 33 Restoration

I picked up this Lionel 33 engine from Ebay for $55.  Its a cute little engine.  Someone must have gotten sick of the puke green color and went nuts with the spray paint.  Horrid paint job aside, the engine is straight as an arrow and shows no signs of rust.  Its a great little engine. 

Here are some pics of the engine as it came in the mail:

After stripping out all of the wires (the insulation on which was pretty dry and cracked and just came right off) I was able to run the positive wire through the bottom of the engine (it has no roller plate on its bottom) and this was the result: