Thursday, September 13, 2012


Although these are older videos, and they should have been posted last November, but these are the pictures from the 2011 SGMA show in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. 


The Standard Gauge Module Association (SGMA) had another show at the Driver's Village located here in Syracuse New York.  If anyone is in the area, and loves trains, Driver's Village is a great stop.  There is a permanent display set up by the Large Scale Group (primarily running Gauge one trains) and we have a very good rapoire with the Large Scale guys.  They invite us routinely to set up and display our modular layout at shows they run and September 8, 2012 we obliged.

We ran a 12 foot by 20 foot rectangular layout for the five hours of the show.  The layout attracted several children, including my two boys.  It was nice to see my sons run trains for a half an hour without the assistance of any adult.  The boys were a good draw for other children. 

The pictures I have posted are of my sons and also Jim Cottzolla's fiance Renee, who was essential in the set up and running of the layout.  Its nice to include family in our crazy hobby and as these pictures show, it was a nice day of running trains.