Thursday, August 19, 2010


This engine is an F-something diesel created by Roberts Lines (Bob Thon) some years back.  I refer to it as an F-3 Diesel engine because I had an F-3 diesel engine as a kid in HO scale from my first train set, so this engine holds a place in my heart.

I just wanted to post this F-3 diesel engine so that anyone interested in some of the "non-Lionel" and "non MTH" engines can see what some of the smaller toy train manufacturers are producnig, or have produced in the past. 

I know that some standard gauge enthusiasts will reject this engine as being scale but I don't care. 

The second photo is a photo of the motor which drives this beast, which I think Bob must have pulled off of his son's dirtbike.  If I could only solve the engine's gear slipping, I could probably move my refrigerator with this engine.    

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