Friday, December 10, 2010

Updated Zephyr pics

I have finally achieved a running Standard Gauge Zephyr. . . . .

I started in the summer and after a ton of different attempts, I was able to convert my gauge one Roberts' Lines Zephyr body to a running standard gauge engine.  Just an FYI. . . I DID NOT mess with a perfectly good Robert's Line Zephyr, this has always been a power car body and observation car body. 

I power this engine using a McCoy under the floor motor, with traction tires from a Williams "J" engine.  The power truck is a Roberts Line 100 series truck.  The middle and trailing truck are from a Lionel pre war standard gauge 35 car body.  I have yet to attach any detailing hiding the trucks, so its a little raw. 

I ran this engine for about an hour last night at 18.5 volts and it was extremely fast, but in true zephyr form it hugs my 84 inch loop.

Thanks for looking,


p.s.  This engine can be seen at the SGMA's February show on February 26 and 27th, 2011 in Edison, New Jersey.

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