Friday, December 10, 2010


These are a real treat.  Where else in the world would you ever be able to see the only two scale Standard Gauge McKeen cars made by Robert Thon and a friend of his in California, Sergio.  These two were on display at the Syracuse SGMA show.  My understanding is that the show only drew between 10 to 12,000 people, a smaller show.  You'll never know what you'll see when you see an SGMA layout. 

This is a funny story. . . . I saw Bob Thon's McKeen car during its construction at his house up here in upstate New York.  He told me that he was constructing two with a friend in California, who was building the roofs, the motor units and the front brushes. 

After Bob's McKeen had been completed, I saw that the one in California had been put up for sale on ebay.  Knowing the rare nature of this particular item, I contacted Bob's friend and asked if he would be willing to sell it to me "Buy it Now".  We couldn't agree upon a price and the listing ended prematurely.  Unfortunately, I thought that this other engine would never surface again, as happens with some items.

Prior to the Syracuse show, my friend Jim Kelly told everyone that he had a "surprise" to show us.  Little did we know that Jim was bringing the other McKeen car that he somehow lured away from all of us active bidders on ebay.  Congrats Jim.  You have a truly wonderful piece which should bring you years of service.

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